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January 7-9 Coral Canyon Amateur Golf Tournament  I finally got out of the snow with Ryan and play some golf in St. George. It was a great trip as I got to ride in Ryan’s new Chevy truck. The play could have been much better and I wish i would have stayed out of the muddy desert. Any time away from work and out of the snow playing golf is a pretty good time, especially during a Utah winter. January 13 -17 St. George Amateur Golf Tournament I drove into Las Vegas the first night and went to our favorite place, the Hofbrauhaus. Nothing like a liter of real German beer and a pretzel. Went to dinner at Craft Steak, in the MGM. It wasn’t as good as the first time, but still enjoyed an amazingly cooked steak. I played in the two day amateur and didn’t do very well the first day, but played much better the second. Just about the time I felt like I could play again it was time to head home to the snow. I did make it out to the long drive grid in Mesquite and hit a few balls. I wish I could spend more time out there, but I’m excited for March to come around. We had a great weekend of playing bingo and hold em. Looking forward to going back in March.